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[edit] Welcome to WorldWind 1.3.3 Beta

[edit] Introduction

Well, here it is, NASA WorldWind 1.3.3 Beta. Please take the time to familiarize youself with the content here, prior to visiting the forums or chat, so that we can avoid answering the same questions repeatedly, and instead focus on helping those who genuinely have a problem, so that everyone can enjoy WW.

* Disclaimer: This document is released as a temporary solution for a more complete 1.3.3 reference page, which we hope to make available soon. the contents are subject to error, irrelevancy, errors of fact, relocation and degredation, and addtionally have no official status. You acknowledge that you alone are responsible for any damage WWC content does cause or is suspected to have caused, to your system or any part of yopur well-being. This is an unofficial and informal guide and must not be relied upon for anything other than a helpful hints section. Thank you for reading this guide thoroughly before posting questions.

That said, there are some things we need to take a look at, so we can determine what issues you may be having.

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