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World Wind has had no common download queue. Quad tile sets have had one queue each, terrain tiles had no queue at all and was blocking the update thread.


[edit] Class diagram


[edit] Suggestion

DownloadQueue is globally accessible and keeps track of active downloads and queued items. It doesn't run on it's own thread but starts downloads on the thread calling the Add/Remove methods, and also on the callback from WebDownload when a download has been completed.

When initiating a download the DownloadQueue will loop through all requests and find the one with the highest score and download that. Downloads with score = float.MinValue will be removed.

In ImageTileRequest the score equals the relative amount of screen area (pixels) the tile occupies. This prioritizes tiles that will have a big visual impact.

It would probably be nice to have other factors influcence the decisions too, like perhaps how many downloads are currently in progress from a certain server?

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