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Help us provide you with free data for World Wind!

World Wind Central is a community run and sponsored website. Although we are used by the NASA staff and developers, we do not receive any funding from NASA.

As well as being the hub for the World Wind community we also provide one of the main sets of imagery in World Wind, the Community Landsat 7 server, and also high-resolution Hurricane, New York and New Zealand images. Other services provided are listed at World Wind Central.

We've got much more planned, but to keep running and expanding we need donations. This is a project run and funded by YOU, the World Wind community.

We now have 25 imagery processing machines (see some pictures!) - our capacity and goal is 100! The more we have, the quicker World Wind gets more imagery. We now have 100Gb (compressed, ~1TB raw) worth of imagery - when we get to 250Gb we'll ship the hard disk to the server and get it online for you all!

Donations now go towards a) building up our funds and b) purchasing more imagery processing and storage machines, at a cost of $70 per machine.

Thank you!

Choose which suits you best:

Donate U.S. Dollars once:


Donate U.S. Dollars monthly:

USD / month

Donate Pounds Sterling once:


Donate Pounds Sterling monthly:

GBP / month

Donate Canadian Dollars once:


Donate Canadian Dollars monthly:

CAD / month

Donate Australian Dollars once:


Donate Australian Dollars monthly:

AUD / month

Donate European Euros once:


Donate European Euros monthly:

EUR / month

Donate Japanese Yen once:


Donate Japanese Yen monthly:

JPY / month

Latest thanks to Wes, Jose, Miguel, Dave and Jeffrey, Erik, Carl, Sidney, Carver and Geoffrey for your donations!

If you can't donate money, but require web hosting or website design (or know someone who does), please see Vidahost and Thermal Degree and let them know you came from WWC - they're run by forum moderator Beansprout and will pass 20% of any money you give them back to us :)

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