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Add-ons are small extentions that add new functionality to World Wind. There are four different types of add-ons: data layers, camera scripts (aka scripts), code modules (aka MashiScript) and plug-ins.

A list of add-ons can be found at the Add-on list.


Data Layers

Data Layers are bits of information that can be shown or hidden on the planet in World Wind. A layer can contain any of images, text and trails.

Camera Scripts

Camera scripts are a prerecorded series of view changes and text display that can be run from within World Wind.

Code Modules

A C#/VB/JScript.NET plugin engine that allows your to create code modules in those languages. Currently only available in 1.3.2 beta builds.

Commonly known as MashiScript because of its creator, the venerable Mashiharu.


Slated for inclusion in 1.4.


The World Wind URI allows you to launch World Wind from within a web broswer, or any other URI capable program.

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