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Add-ons are small extensions that add new functionality to World Wind. For more information see the Add-on_Launchpad.

A list of add-ons can be found at the add-ons page.


Data Layers

Data Layers are bits of information that can be shown or hidden on the planet in World Wind. A layer can contain any of images, text and trails.


A C#/VB/JScript.NET plugin engine that allows your to create code modules in those languages.



You can add new worlds to World Wind.

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The World Wind URI allows you to launch World Wind from within a web browser, or any other URI capable program.

Sample XML templates

T_Servo has put together a zip file of the five comon types of add-ons and a sample of the ImagerOverlay XML for use with legends. The covered add-on types are:

  • WMS Server
  • Static Global Image Overlay
  • Refreshing Global Image Overlay
  • Small Area Image Overlay
  • Placemarks
  • Legend Example

Download templates

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