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WORLD WIND 1.3 CVS Build Instructions

  1. Install Microsoft Visual Studio C# .NET 2005 Express or equivalent
    1. Recommend building the 60 second program to verify everything works.
  2. Install World Wind 1.3 from web site.
    1. Install it in default location:
  3. Download and install WinCVS
    1. Launch WinCVS
    2. (from :
    3. Create a directory on your drive where you'd like to develop from (eg C:\app\ww\src-cvs)
    4. Launch WinCVS
    5. Select your directory in the directory pane on the left side
    6. Right Click the directory in the pane and choose "Checkout Module..."
    7. Type "WorldWind" in "Module Name and path on the server"
    8. Type ":pserver;username=anonymous;" in "CVSROOT"
    9. Click OK.
    10. A window will pop up, navigate to the same folder from step c.
    11. Click OK, CVS software will start download.
    12. CVS Will now check out the source code for WorldWind in a "WorldWind" directory under your chosen one. (A window may come up asking for your default directory. Just click OK)
    13. Close WinCVS
  4. Navigate to the following file (double click it):
    1. C:\app\ww\src-cvs\WorldWind\WorldWindow.sln
    2. If using MS VS 2005 it will ask to convert the file, NEXT->NEXT->FINISH
    3. F6 to build
    4. Close MS VS
  5. Navigate to the following file (double click it):
    1. C:\app\ww\src-cvs\WorldWind\WorldWind.sln
    2. If using MS VS 2005 it will ask to convert the file, NEXT->NEXT->FINISH
    3. F5 to build and start
    4. You may now get an error due to a missing file
      1. Could not find a part of the path C:\app\ww\src-cvs\WorldWind\bin\Debug\Data\Earth\Placenmaes\Country\ww.wpl
      2. Copy the (Earth) folder from the 1.3 install of the full application directory start from C:\Program Files\NASA\World Wind 1.3\Data TO C:\app\ww\src-cvs\WorldWind\bin\Debug\Data
    5. Now retry step 5.3, it should launch
    6. Final step MSVS->Main Menu->File->Save or Save as.
    7. You can now navigate to the C:\app\ww\src-cvs\WorldWind\bin\Debug directory and launch your compiled version.

Resources:, #worldwind #worldwind-dev

This text describes how to retrieve, compile and run the World Wind (V1.3 as of this writing) source code from SourceForge.

It assumes you've already got CVS access working - this page describes setting up anonymous CVS access (

For read-write CVS access, check out these instructions (

Note that you'll end up with two seperate WorldWind installations: 1.2e retail, and the current version with the source code, with its binaries in \bin\Debug

In the following, <CVS> refers to your CVS working directory or sandbox.

   * Retrieve the source code tree from CVS as a clean update into an empty sandbox.
   * Open <cvs>\WorldWind\WorldWindow.sln and compile it.
   * Open <cvs>\WorldWind\WorldWind.sln and compile it.
   * Either: 
       * Uninstall any older "retail" copy of WorldWind 1.2. (Skip if you haven't got it installed yet)
       * Download and install World Wind 1.2e full ( (or the latest available retail version) 
   * Or: 
       * Patch your WorldWind install to 1.2e with the World Wind 1.2e patch ( 
   * In <CVS>\WorldWind\bin\Debug\Data create a directory "Earth"
   * From the \Data directory of the "retail" install (usually C:\Program Files\NASA\WorldWind v<version>\Data) copy the following directories to the newly 

created "Earth":

BlueMarbleTextures Boundaries Placenames

   * In Visual Studio, open <CVS>\WorldWind\v1_3QuadTileDirectoryFixer\v1_3QuadTileDirectoryFixer.sln, compile, and run it.
   * QuadTileDirectoryFixer will ask for a directory - point it to <CVS>\WorldWind\bin\Debug\Data\Earth\BlueMarbleTextures and press "Fix".
   * Launch <CVS>\WorldWind\bin\Debug\WorldWind.exe - good luck! 

(gillesk, 05-feb-05)

To build from the command line.

   * Launch the 'Visual Studio .NET 2003 Command Prompt' (under Start / Programs / Visual Studio .NET / Visual Studio .NET Tools)
   * CD to the WorldWind source root.
   * Run 'Devenv.exe WorldWindow.sln /build Debug' and 'Devenv.exe WorldWind.sln /build Debug' 

(Replace 'Debug' with 'Release' as desired)

(adamhill 17-feb-05)

   * As of 1.3.0 the references in the Release build point to /Debug dll's. So to /rebuild a release, /rebuild debug first. (02/03/05 adamhill)
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