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This text describes how to retrieve, compile and run the World Wind (1.3 as of this writing) source code from SourceForge.

It assumes you've already got (anonymous) CVS access working - this page describes setting up anonymous CVS access.

For read-write CVS access, check out these instructions.

In the following, <CVS> refers to your CVS working directory or sandbox.

  • Retrieve the source code tree from CVS as a clean update into an empty sandbox.
  • Open <cvs>\WorldWind\WorldWindow.sln and compile it.
  • Open <cvs>\WorldWind\WorldWind.sln and compile it.
  • Uninstall any older "retail" copy of WorldWind 1.2. (Skip if you haven't got it installed yet)
  • Copy the \Data directory from the "retail" install (usually C:\Program Files\NASA\WorldWind v<version>\Data) to <CVS>\WorldWind\bin\Debug
  • Open <CVS>\WorldWind\v1_3QuadTileDirectoryFixer\v1_3QuadTileDirectoryFixer.sln, compile, and run it.
  • Point it to <CVS>\WorldWind\bin\Debug\Data\WorldWindow.Earth\BlueMarbleTextures and press "Fix".
  • Launch <CVS>\WorldWind\bin\Debug\WorldWind.exe - good luck!

Note: By default, both "Visible Landset" and "Add-Ons/Test Landset" are on - this may cause layer interference and "black holes" in areas without "Test Landset" coverage. For North America, switch off "Visible Landsat" and enjoy the gorgeous new color layer. For Europe et. al., switch off Add-Ons/Test Landset to be able to see the regular tiles.

(gillesk, 05-feb-05)

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