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Meeting will be on Wednesday, 4 January 2006 at 20:30 UTC in IRC channel #worldwind-meeting

Meeting Notes

  • If you want to add something to the Agenda, edit this page. Try and make your changes at least 1 day prior to the meeting. Put your name/nickname after the agenda item, and make sure to attend the meeting.
  • If a discussion results in someone agreeing to do something, the moderator should send an IRC message starting with "TODO:" and the person's name and short description, to make searching the meeting logs easier
  • Moderator should control change of meeting topics. Use something like "OK to move on?", and if everyone has finished the discussion of the current topic, the moderator then sends a message with the next agenda topic. Moderator should force moving on to the next topic if the discussion is too long.
  • Meeting length should be targeted to 30-45 minutes.

[edit] Agenda

Call To Order:

  1. Select meeting moderator



  • Can the default be the best imagery available? Specifically I refer to ZoomIt and OneEarth. First-time users are naive ("D'Oh!") (Homer, shut up) so we should make the default give them the best imagery. Let's face it: the first place everybody tries to visit is their dwelling-place.(nelson)
  • Apropos the previous agenda item, when people zoom in "too far", they should see a message telling them how to get better imagery. Maybe they need to turn on a layer which covers the area they're looking at; maybe they need to lobby their government to release imagery. But rather than leaving them staring at unusably blurry images, we should tell them what they need to do.(nelson)
  • State of 1.3.4, set a date for all submissions for the beta to be completed, should we wait for any of the new datasets before releasing 1.3.4? (Bull)
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