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Meeting will be on Thursday, 03 November 2005 at 20:30 UTC in IRC channel #worldwind-meeting

Meeting Notes

  • If you want to add something to the Agenda, edit this page. Try and make your changes at least 1 day prior to the meeting. Put your name/nickname after the agenda item, and make sure to attend the meeting.
  • If a discussion results in someone agreeing to do something, the moderator should send an IRC message starting with "TODO:" and the person's name and short description, to make searching the meeting logs easier
  • Moderator should control change of meeting topics. Use something like "OK to move on?", and if everyone has finished the discussion of the current topic, the moderator then sends a message with the next agenda topic. Moderator should force moving on to the next topic if the discussion is too long.
  • Meeting length should be targeted to 30-45 minutes.

[edit] Agenda

Call To Order:

  1. Select meeting moderator



  • Mirror code, you know it makes sense! Struggling NWW servers, speed of choosing a physically closer mirror, speed of this in native WW rather than 302 redirect from NWW. --TheBeansprout
  • Will a 1.3.x to patch be made? [Bull]
  • Target date for 1.3.4? [Bull]
  • Targets for 1.3.4?
    • Bull's wishlist
      • Range setting for transparent colour
      • Speed up shapefile rendering
      • Resolve as many bugs reported on Jira as possible (Jira issues are getting long again)
    • RussNelson's wishlist (can't be at the meeting)
      • A hearty round of applause for shapefiles!! Well done!
      • Speed up shapefile rendering. Specifically, line (Arc) rendering is not faster when fewer bounding boxes are intersected by the view.
      • Whether shapefiles have a GUI or not, in the short term, shapefile development would be much easier if
  1. A shapefile was specified by a URL pointing to a zipfile, and
  2. Whenever WW starts up, the URL was re-fetched (but only if it was different), (aka auto-mirror) and
  3. The zipfile was automagically unpacked (cd ...\ShapeFiles; unzip -d $shapefile)
  4. and if you really want to get fancy, keep the previous version around while fetching the update and if there are any problems with the new one, revert to the old one.
  • ShockFire's wishlist
    • Dump the font, either by integrating it into the executable or using bitmaps
  • Somehow engage the people that did the Japanese and Chinese application/installer translations so we can get their resource file to integrate into the main tree. If that is too much just hosting their installs and making them 'official'.(adamhill)
  • The FEF and WWC.--TheBeansprout
    • Budget, possibilites, targets for WW imagery/development.
    • Currently 7 (6 in jessi's absence) FEF board members (I think) and 5 main WWC people (Nowak, Llynix, Bull, nosilleg, TheBean). General status update.
    • What imagery is being processed, and is there any spare CPU power around for Nowak.
    • What NWW want from the community. Ie, how an "official organisation" will help.
    • Open accounting: (eg page with details) -nosilleg
      • expense: hosting, reimbursing members
      • income: donations, adsense, advertising
  • Update of wiki software. I would like to happen very soon. What's prohibiting this from happening? How can we get it done? -nosilleg
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