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Meeting will be on Thursday, 6 October 2005 at 20:30 UTC in IRC channel #worldwind-meeting

Meeting Notes

  • If you want to add something to the Agenda, edit this page. Try and make your changes at least 1 day prior to the meeting. Put your name/nickname after the agenda item, and make sure to attend the meeting.
  • If a discussion results in someone agreeing to do something, the moderator should send an IRC message starting with "TODO:" and the person's name and short description, to make searching the meeting logs easier
  • Moderator should control change of meeting topics. Use something like "OK to move on?", and if everyone has finished the discussion of the current topic, the moderator then sends a message with the next agenda topic. Moderator should force moving on to the next topic if the discussion is too long.
  • Meeting length should be targeted to 30-45 minutes.

[edit] Agenda

Call To Order:

  1. Select meeting moderator



  • Status of 1.3.3 release (TomServo)
    • Some form of a beta should be deliverable on or before Oct. 13th (with links to the BMNG data) [CM]
    • A "Final" release should follow 1-2 weeks after that [CM]
    • "World Wind Moon" (or something like that) should also be expected to be in beta form for Oct. 13th [CM]
  • GML Support for vector/raster data(php_devel)
    • Bruce is currently working on setting up a "Dynamic Placename Server" using WFS, which uses GML. Once this is ready, I will begin implementing a GML placename layer. Eventually, we'll add boundaries to both the server and the GML implementation. This is not expected for version 1.3.3. [CM]
  • Proposal for new data sources from Imagesat,Orbview,Intermap via Apogee WMS(php_devel)
    • Get the data in a WW-Friendly format ready for "publishing" and we (NASA NLT) will review it for public distribution from our sites. [CM]
  • Question for the long term: how do we publish sources of data and how do we mirror popular sources of data (RussNelson)? NASA's concern seems to be that they not tarnish NASA's reputation by pointing to unreliable data. My concern is that people should be led (but not misled) to all sources of data. I suggest the three steps listed below. Of course anyone can change the list of data sources; the point of this procedure is to give people sensible defaults.
    • NASA list everything and mark its own data,
    • when a non-NASA data source is selected, WW asks "This data source has not been examined by NASA. Do you want to use it:
      • Just this once?
      • Any time in the future?
      • Not now?
    • If NASA gets two complaints about an unreliable data source, it should remove the source from the list.
      • We got a proposal from one of our phD co-workers about using a P2P mechansim for the distribution of meta-data for World Wind data sets. The idea is that the same Kazaa/Gnutella style "searching methods" (not data transfer methods) could be used by WW for publishing and searching of datasets. In this way, a system of ratings of content and security could be enforced by the entire user base. Like I said, this is an idea, so I'm curious for your feedback. [CM]
      • FWIW, by agreeing to the NOSA, you have indemnified the government from anything liable that happens with or from the software. We generally like to provide a second level of security by only offering data in the default-installable package that is deemed "safe" and "important" for the public at large. One thing we want to avoid is a needlessly large installer, and we cannot "endorse" non-government entities from within our website (forum is SLIGHTLY different). [CM]
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