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Meeting will be on Friday, 24 June 2005 at 8:30PM UTC/GMT (local time) in IRC channel #worldwind-meeting

Call To Order:

  • Select meeting moderator
  • If a discussion results in someone agreeing to do something, the moderator should send an IRC message starting with "TODO:" and the person's name and short description, to make searching the meeting logs easier
  • Moderator should control change of meeting topics. Maybe "OK to move on?", and if everyone has finished the discussion, the moderator then sends a message with the next agenda topic. Moderator should force moving on to the next topic if the discussion is too long.
  • Meeting length should be targeted to 30-45 minutes.


  1. From 2005-06-10 meeting:
    • 1.3.2, item 1: How relevant is Notes for 1.3.2 work? Can we purge bits/all? (nosilleg) Various people need to either 'delete' their entries on that page or create a Jira issue, and someone needs to do the same for unattributed entries. Identified entries are from: fool, Llynix, bull, engmike, gillesk, TomServo


    1. Set deadline date for confirmation of terminology re "add-on", "plugin", "script", "extension", etc. (dpatton)
    2. Should there be a "Credits" button in Help > About? Should it have one section to list NLT staff, and one to list WW Comunity people? Who should be listed? For example: anyone who has contributed code directly, or indirectly(e.g. provide code to a developer, who uses it(perhaps modified) in WW), or who has fixed any bugs. (dpatton)
    3. Someone from NLT should perhaps respond to this forum posting: Worldwind - Expectations?, Coming Soon? (dpatton)
    1. NLT policy on fixing problems with existing NLT Landsat 7 Visible dataset META-28 and SRTM dataset META-12 (dpatton)
    2. Data slowness/200's vs 404's - Is it me or is nww a lot slower? Is this normal. Once again, we need to know who at Terraserver to ping (adamhill)
    3. Mirrors - Update from Matt. Decision on the PHP pivoting script from NLT. (adamhill)
    1. Security of add-ons. Status update from Adam re info provided via my contact at Microsoft META-214 (dpatton)
    2. Discuss CVS HEAD file/directory cleanup META-39 (dpatton)
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