Community Meeting 2005-06-10

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Meeting will be on Friday, 10 June 2005 at 6:30PM UTC/GMT (local time) in IRC channel #worldwind-meeting

Agenda Topics:

  • Locking down scripts, is it possible? Will we have to call in the MS guns? (adam)
  • When is the educational conference NLT is presenting at and how can we help? (adam)
  • The grant that NLT is sharing in, can we use the results to plan future directions, can we get some feedback from the participants? (whats the time frame) (adam)
  • Ways to geographically distribute data. Matt has secured people that will mirror data, but dont let PHP/Perl/CGI run. What do we need to do on the app side to facilitate this, and what is the best strategy for mirroring? (adam)
  • 1.3.2 - What is left to do? Will there be another version before Chris is ready? (adam)
  • How relevant is Notes for 1.3.2 work? Can we purge bits/all? (nosilleg)
  • Is Hardcoded Stuff TOFIX still applicable? Does WW-156 relate to it? (nosilleg)
  • What's happening with NLT Data Issues? How are changes propogated to Terraserver/Other mirrors? (nosilleg)
  • New meeting time - 1130PDT == 0430AEST == 0630 NZST == TOO EARLY to be up on a Saturday morning. (spacechicken)
  • Any progress in making worldwind more accessable to other WMS servers? (aussiemac)
  • Walkthrough is complete META-27 and uploaded. Should we move into WW-137 soon? (I did take notes on what you said dpatton) (TomServo)
    • Should we do translations of the walkthrough? (TomServo)
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