Community Meeting 2005-05-27

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Friday, May 27, 2005, at 6:30PM UTC/GMT (11:30AM PDT) in IRC channel #worldwind-meeting


Current time in UTC/GMT:

Jessi to provide doughnuts and chips (what no drinks?!)


  • Call to Order - 11:30AM (dpatton)
Reminder - Patrick wants a 30 minute meeting, so each agenda topic below can only be alloted 5 minutes (which will never happen ;-)
NLT staff should indicate how long they can stay past 12:00PM.
Might be wise to prioritize the order of the agenda items.
  • Plans for Future Meetings (dpatton)
Patrick to select the Date & Time for weekly 30 minute meetings
Lead: Patrick
Dialogue: We need to rely more on JIRA (less on meetings) for our dialogue. Email traffic from within JIRA will notify folks related to the issue and the dialogue (dynamic meeting) can continue in a progressive way. Please be select with the notification because overload can rapidly turn to numbness. For issues that somehow cannot be handled by JIRA, we can have 30-minute meetings (up to one hour) every second and fourth Fridays.
  • 1.3.2 release schedule? (bull)
Description: Alpha released, see: (patrick)
Lead: Jessica
Dialogue: Our 'central' coding development team of 'one' here at NASA [Chris] is consumed with v1.4 and its API architecture implementation. This means that v1.3.x is not getting more attention than Jessica is able to provide for it right now. Support to her effort is greatly appreciated.
  • Topic: New API 1.4 General Chat
Description: See DumDum v1.4 Experiment; See also World Wind v1.4
Lead: Chris
Dialogue: Progress on the new API, code structuring (clean up), Class Names nomenclature, schedule for merging into Head. How can we encourage more documentation of World Wind code, so community developers find it easier to contribute? Mashi and other community members have suggested requiring newly checked-in code to be documented.
  • Topic: The NASA World Wind coding effort
Description: Using JIRA World Wind Issues
Lead: Jessica
Dialogue: How to flag issues for developers
  • Topic: Example of v1.4 API, iCam (iCameraManager)
Description: What will the initial implementation provide for. See World Wind v1.4 API Specification
Lead: Chris
Dialogue: What kinds of extensions are expected for the iCam that others might be thinking about (i.e., Photoshop implementation where an iCam view shows you where you are on a planet, and allows you to move that view according to single clicks or drawn boxes.)
  • Topic: A few XML Add-Ons May Require Recompile dependencies on Altova XMLSpy
Description: Remove dependency on Altova XMLSpy
Lead: Chris
Dialogue: For this to happen, someone will need to take this coding project on
  • Standard Add-On / Scripting Author XML
Lead: Jessica/Chris/
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