Community Meeting 2005-05-27

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Friday, May 27, 2005, at 06:30PM UTC/GMT (11:30AM PDT) Current time in UTC/GMT:

Jessi to provide doughnuts and chips (what no drinks?!)


  • Call to Order - 11:30AM (dpatton)
Reminder - Patrick wants a 30 minute meeting, so each agenda topic below can only be alloted 5 minutes (which will never happen ;-)
  • Plans for Future Meetings (dpatton)
Patrick to select the Date & Time for weekly 30 minute meetings
Lead: Patrick
  • 1.3.2 release schedule? (bull)
Description: Alpha released, see: (patrick)
Lead: Jessica
  • Topic: New API 1.4 General Chat
Description: See DumDum v1.4 Experiment; See also World Wind v1.4
Lead: Chris
Dialogue: Progress on the new API, code structuring (clean up), Class Names nomenclature, schedule for merging into Head
  • Topic: The NASA World Wind coding effort
Description: Using JIRA World Wind Issues
Lead: Jessica
Dialogue: How to flag issues for developers
  • Topic: Example of v1.4 API, iCam (iCameraManager)
Description: What will the initial implementation provide for. See World Wind v1.5 API Specification
Lead: Chris
Dialogue: What kinds of extensions are expected for the iCam that others might be thinking about (i.e., Photoshop implementation where an iCam view shows you where you are on a planet, and allows you to move that view according to single clicks or drawn boxes.)
  • Topic: A few XML Add-Ons May Require Recompile dependencies on Altova XMLSpy
Description: Remove dependency on Altova XMLSpy
Lead: Chris
Dialogue: For this to happen, someone will need to take this coding project on
  • Standard Add-On / Scripting Author XML
Lead: Jessica/Chris/
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