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2005 Hurricane Imagery Add-On
Mississippi area after Katrina
Mississippi area after Katrina
Developer T_Servo/nhv/Nowak/many others
Latest release 1.5.1 / 2005-10-04
License undefined
Web site Add-On homepage


[edit] Introduction

The 2005 Hurricane Imagery add-on is a re-write of the orignal Katrina Data Add-On, it now shows imagery for several 2005 hurricanes..

This imagery is pulled together and processed to help property owners, rescuers, government officials, and others like people get the information they need in an easy to use format.

[edit] Current Hurricane Imagery

  • Katrina - US Army Corps of Engineers (0.72' per pixel resolution) and NOAA aerial imagery (1.5' per pixel resolution).
  • Ophelia - NOAA aerial imagery.
  • Rita - NOAA aerial imagery.

[edit] Installation

  • Using the self installing exe -
    • Double click '2005_Hurricane_Imagery.exe' and follow the on-screen prompts.
    • When the installer has completed you are ready to run World Wind, once World Wind has loaded unselect 'NLT Landsat7 (Visible Color)' in the toolbar by clicking on it, the little black arrow above it should disappear.
    • Then click on 'Layer Manager' located on the far left of your toolbar, the Layer Manager menu will appear, tick '2005 Hurricane Season Images', and zoom in to view the affected areas.
    • To choose between the different photography available in this add-on click the small white arrow next to '2005 Hurricane Season Images' in the Layer Manager, a list of different views will appear, repeat the process to choose the specific hurricane you wish to view, then click in the center of any circle to select which view you want.
    • You may click the following link to view the Louisiana SuperDome in World Wind (after selecting 'Hurricane Katrina Imagery - New Orleans and Mississippi' in the Layer Manager') - worldwind://goto/lat=29.95&lon=-90.08&altitude=800

Note: The imagery is NOT yet fully complete. new data is regularly being added, to see if new imagery is available for the area you are viewing press F5 or select 'Refresh View' from the Edit menu.

[edit] Data Sources and Credits

[edit] Special Thanks

nhv, mangocrate, Nowak, T_Servo and everyone else involved in this project.


[edit] Links

[edit] Add-On history

This all started when Norman Vine discovered NOAA had flown over the areas affected by hurricane Katrina and taken aerial photographs (NOAA Hurricane Photography), he managed to contact mangocrate from NOAA in the #worldwind chat channel on freenode who was able to put him in contact with the people who flew the missions. While this was happening Norman got together with a group of like minded people at telascience and got servers and processing equipment ready for when NOAA provided the necessary metadata so the images could be correctly georeferenced, without accurate georeferencing the data would be of no use to the authorities involved in the Katrina aftermath operation. Once the data arrived the processing was started, and within hours was made available to the people who needed it most, Norman then used information provided by Nowak to process the imagery into a format World Wind could use, once this was completed World Wind Central put the data on their servers, T_Servo then created an xml used to access the data and the original Katrina Data Add-On was born.

Since the original Add-On was created much has been added, Nowak discovered imagery from the USACE processed the data and it was added into the Add-On, once hurricane Ophelia data became available T_Servo decided to create this more general Add-On which would include all data available for the 2005 Hurricane season.

The most amazing thing about how this all happened is the relatively few people involved, the speed this was achieved (within days of Katrina hitting the mainland), and the fact that they had no large government agency or commercial corporation backing. Compare this to Google Earths offering which had enormous backing and funds behind it, and in the end had poorer georeferencing and less imagery than the World Wind communities!

[edit] Donate to WorldWind Central

  • To allow us to keep providing services such as this web site, and delivering imagery to World Wind please consider making a Donation!
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