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This page is intended to track what addons have been upgraded for 1.4, which need to be, and perhaps which can't, if necessary. If you want to help, and have an understanding of C#, have a look at http://forum.worldwindcentral.com/showthread.php?t=7222 to see what needs to be fixed.


[edit] General things that will need to be changed to update plugins for 1.4

[edit] Fixed plugins (Fixer)

[edit] In Progress (Worker)

  • Virtual Earth
    • Tilted view shows unaccurate clipping - ZBuffer issue (in progress - Patrick Murris)
    • Terrain mesh needs normals for sun shading (done - Patrick Murris)
    • 'Camera jitter' fix (done - Erik Newman)

[edit] Need to be Fixed

[edit] Can't/don't need to be fixed (diagnoser - reason)

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