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Notes on 1.4.1's Goals

These are just the issues that I believe must be addressed before we can release 1.4.1. Minor fixes should be done after the major issues (unless we get more devs on board). There are many other impotant issues I would like to be addressed, some can be found on World Wind 1.4.1 Notes, but these are the ones that will stop me, and probably NASA, from being happy to release 1.4.1.

Major (Hard) issues:

  • Fix camera.cs see the irc transcript for more details, this is a major problem that must be fixed.
  • KML Support - use the standard Google XSD and support all the features that have a renderable alternative in World Wind.
    • KML Time (Integration with World Wind Time API)
    • KML Models (Collada)
    • KML Models (non-Collada) run much slower in WW (un-useable) also ugly wen compared to GE.
  • Download management (substantial changes)
    • already in progress, but terrain support is causing major headaches
    • add zipped DDS support
  • Shapefile improvements
    • A simple styling GUI
    • D&D support
    • Speed improvements
  • WMS Browser improvements
    • add better dimension support
    • manually add parameters to the url
    • more relaxed handling of getcapabilities errors

Important (Medium difficulty) issues:

  • I18N support
  • Access to local cache *offline mode* needs to be flawless

Non-coding issues

  • Documentation
    • Go through the code and add comments
    • XML add-ons
    • Compiling the code
    • Simple tile serving guide (php?) for people who only want to serve a few maps.
  • Set up a daily builds server
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