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This document has been deprecated in favor of World Wind Issues. It is left here for historical purposes only.


[edit] Graphics

Update graphics (buttons) to "2005" look. See: SVS.png

Have a true hardware fullscreen mode so people can use 3D glasses etc.

[edit] View

  • Possibility to switch from "flying over" view to view from selected point from the surface - for example to simulate panoramic view from a mountain top.

[edit] GPS integration

it would be nice to interface WW with a common GPS receiver. I think is non difficult for developers who made this wonderful tool. [moved from Talk page]

We need an LGPL or OSI licensed NMEA library to start with.

maybe easily doable via the weblink capabilities of worldwind ? then the gps receiver software only has to produce a valid worldwind link.

Display other coordinate/grid systems, selection of lat/lon lines frequency.

[edit] HI FOLKS !

What are all these wonderfull appreciations..thousands rows for, while World Wind 1.3 full.exe still have an essential..huge error: it can not be installed on any true reliable PC because it is self-frozen during self-installation even after successfully passed self-verifying phase !!!

This is happenned during any trying to install, on XP PRO SP at least full Intel 4, DirectX90c, GB free etc (I tried 4 times on 3 different PCs all of them original hardware and licensed software will all service packs updated and working finely with lot of other applications and installers excepting new WorldWind 1.3 which get frozen in the middle of writing huge number dds files...

[edit] Weather Data

I would like to see more weather data, preferably realtime, available as an overlay for World Wind. Such as NOAA infrared, water vapor, and viable views. Radar data as an overlay would be a very helpful and interesting visual.

[edit] Sky

Sky is always 'blue' - I know it might not be too realistic, but could we put some kind of background image there (clouds, night sky?)? Or maybe sun and moon, according to date/time/timezone? I tried the Mars and Moon maps, and the sky turned blue there too as far as I remember...

[edit] Data Management

For collaborative work around the same set of data (e.g. an architecture studio of 12 people researching the same site), it would make sense to be able to set up a local server of some kind. This could involve marking an enclosed "zone" on the surface of the WW globe and associating all views within that zone with this local server. It would take load off the larger servers and speed up the 'user experience' for anybody sharing that data.

[edit] Aeroplane navigation

An alternative navigation system would be nice, more like an aeroplane. E.g. Y-axis = speed forward/backward; X-axis = turn left/right; mouse wheel = head down/up. And, very important, an emergency brake.

[edit] Rendering movie

I would like to render an animation in World Wind. Define two point or a path along the surface, the camera follow the path and the software record frame by frame to make a movie. the user control the codec (generic windows media video codec), quality and frames/s, controling the camera altitud, angle, tilt...it would be perfect for World Wind.

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