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==Suggestions to improve 1.3== ==Suggestions to improve 1.3==
Update graphics (buttons) to "2005" look. See: [http://xyzxyz.ath.cx/svs.png SVS.png] Update graphics (buttons) to "2005" look. See: [http://xyzxyz.ath.cx/svs.png SVS.png]

Revision as of 13:29, 17 March 2005

Hi everyone. Click edit at the top of the page to edit this page. Type an asterisk to start a bullet list - please format different points to different bullets, like in Word etc. Feel free to add your comments to any points, too, in square brackets. If you add your forums username too, that would be much appreciated. Thankyou for your time!


Suggestions to improve 1.3


Update graphics (buttons) to "2005" look. See: SVS.png

GPS integration

it would be nice to interface WW with a common GPS receiver. I think is non difficult for developers who made this wonderful tool. [moved from Talk page]

We need an LGPL or OSI licensed NMEA library to start with.


What are all these wonderfull appreciations..thousands rows for, while World Wind 1.3 full.exe still have an essential..huge error: it can not be installed on any true reliable PC because it is self-frozen during self-installation even after successfully passed self-verifying phase !!!

This is happenned during any trying to install, on XP PRO SP at least full Intel 4, DirectX90c, GB free etc (I tried 4 times on 3 different PCs all of them original hardware and licensed software will all service packs updated and working finely with lot of other applications and installers excepting new WorldWind 1.3 which get frozen in the middle of writing huge number dds files...

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