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This is some information on what needs to be done for the wiki. There was a lot of information in this document which may be out of date, hopefully it will get sorted through soon.

If you feel like contributing to any page, please do so, especially for the pages below.


[edit] Pages that require attention

[edit] User Pages

[edit] External Pages

[edit] Information below this point may be outdated

[edit] (Partially) Done

[edit] Administration

[edit] Non-English Pages

The following pages need to be translated into their respective languages and may need supporting text. Note that the wiki is having issues with Chinese characters.

The installer needs to be translanted into non English languages as well.

[edit] wiki

  • Figure out how to set up a Developers Sketchpad that doesn't have the share-alike clause.
  • Ok I looked into this. The options are (in order from easiest to hardest): 1) just place a warning up on any dev pages saying that the content on these pages is copyright original author and is up for evaluation, testing and for open comment purposes only. 2) Put a go between page on the license policy that explains the funny 'dual' license. 3) Try our best to 'hack' media wiki to accept two licenses.
(i think #1 would be fine. just mention at the top and bottom of dev articles that this page is specifically exempted from the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. --Jessi 22:16, 6 Feb 2005 (MST))
  • Do a diff with mediawiki 1.4b5 figure out what files you messed with.
    • Done Diff (This is old?)
    • I'm slowly unraveling the mess. Some files I can't help changing and will have to patch each time. But apparently I shouldn't have screwed with MonoBook.php which I modified heavily. There is a more elegant solution, but I haven't figured it out yet. (Simply renaming it to another skin doesn't work and will break your account, luckily I can copy / paste in the database :)

[edit] World Wind Central Hotspots

[edit] In Progress

[edit] Database work

  • image needs a user attached
  • hotspots needs date attached (import from image)
  • set unknown dates to site launch (oct 14?)

[edit] Todo

  • add world info to worldwind url
  • add layer info to worldwind url
  • add all information to view_hotspot infobox (mostly done, need to fix comments)
  • finish up cookie code, which works now but has a security risk
  • rip out image code
  • Create accounts like admin,sysop,root, and make them trolls. Also perhaps george carlins 7?
  • Add date submited to infobox
  • I would like addhotspot to utilize View On World before actually adding a hotspot. That way users could see where it is, their image and data before actually adding the hotspot. In addition we should check and display any hotspots in the area to cut down on duplicates
  • Add a user level system (in progress)
  • Add a news system (this should be a wwc main site project?)
  • for each category.. a view all on map
  • Need to automagically change them to hyperlinks.. but then also have to do something about the length of them because it messes up the layout if the link is too long
Nowak: s/(^http:\/\/|^)([^\/]*).*(\/[^\/]*(\/$|$))/\1\2\/...\3/

try this :D

echo "http://test.com/a/b/c/d.php" | sed -E ' s/(^http:\/\/|^)([^\/]*).*(\/[^\/]*(\/$|$))/\1\2\/...\3/'

  • set redirects on add / edit / delete hs (goto)
  • if a category is empty it's name doesn't show up
  • allow worldwind:// style entry
(again provided by nowak)
$wwc = array();
if (strncasecmp($link, 'worldwind://goto/', 17)) return array2object($wwc);
$types = array('lon' => 'float', 'altitude' => 'float', 'world' => 'string');
foreach (explod('&', substr($link,17)) as $field) {
  $field = explod('=',$field, 2);
  $x .= $field[0] . '->' . $field[1] . ' | ';
  if (isset($field[0]) && array_key_exists($field[0], $types)) {
    settype($field[1], $types[$field[0]]);
    $wwc[$field[0]] = $field[1];
$wwc should be an array with all the info if I'm reading the code 

Hmm.. might work better

function translate_uri($uri) {
   $parts = explode('/', $uri);
   for ($i = 0; $i < count($parts); $i++) {
     $parts[$i] = rawurlencode($parts[$i]);
   return implode('/', $parts);

[edit] Done?

  • Add full clickable category in infobox
  • Top 10 users
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