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This page has been created for the discussion of Redundant Data sources, more specifically: Being able to host "partial" copies of a dataset.

Relates to issue WW-172.

[edit] Proposal

Say, one server has Dataset 105, levels 0, 1, 2 and 3, but doesn't have 4. This would make any easy way to load-balance plus speed up things through geography, as a host doesn't have to host a full copy (well over 85 GB) but only a partial copy (only around 20 gb, in my example).

Now I Understand that their are several people that disagree with me on this issue, but I still think it is a viable option (More viable than hosting geographically limited datasets).

I need to comment on this later as I cant get my thoughts on it in order. Perhaps someone can comment as to why they think it is a Bad Idea (TM).

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