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[edit] World Wind Markup Language (WWML)

This is the discussion page for the newly developed WorldWind Markup Language for World Wind 1.5. You can view the current data sheet here.

WWML is, for the most part, a subset of GML 3.1 plus WW additions. (More to be added later)

  • NASA needs a nice, concise list of what they want WWML to be and not to be. Along with a list of all the elements they are adding and all the GML pieces they will be supporting and the ones they will not be supporting.
  • What is the 8cm stuff? Why are you specifying an absolute display size in a some geographic data?
  • Weird example about embedding WW in a web page via XHTML. WTF?
  • The OverlayImagery example implies WW will be supporting TimeSpan constructs.
  • No Rotation attributes for ImageOverlays, no support for non-linear stretching of IO's
  • NASA should simply drop the namespaces and adhere to a de facto interpretation of some OGC GML 3.1 elements/attrs. Namespaces may be constant reminders of the deference to a larger standard, but they don't assist in understanding the subset that WWML is attempting to achieve. A requirement should be that there is no need for users to understand GML to understand and utilize WWML.

(Sorry but this doesn't make any sense, drawing lines on a oblate, spheroid with grid corrections in any one of 20-30 different projections is just plain hard, sometimes even hard to understand. Getting a pushpin at a specific lat/long is easy, thats what GeoRSS is for, not GML)

  • GML Application Profile
  • Pushback - [1]
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