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[edit] WorldWind 1.3.4 release bug list

[edit] Has to be fixed

  • \Plugins\KMLImporter\ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll should be deleted (not installed in the first place)
    • This file has already been removed from SVN
  • There's one or more Thumbs.db files installed
  • Update release notes once more (what's new page has been updated again...)
  • Image overlay doesnt work
    • Can someone please elaborate on this. It works for me, but I'm guessing it doesn't have a certain feature someone wants? [CM]
  • Shapefileloader problems see http://forum.worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/index.php?showtopic=6560&hl=
  • Don't (un)install the ttf font to WINDOWS\Fonts but to the main WW directory (is there in SVN now)
  • Geology of Callisto and Io is included in Jupiter_Moons.xml, but isn't in the \Add-ons\Jupiter\ directories.
  • The icon link to the venus placename index was omitted from \Config\Venus\^Placenames.xml, but the HTML files are in \Add-ons\Venus\Data\Gazetteer\.

[edit] Maybe fix

  • Some \Config\* dirs have LayerSet.xsd, some don't

[edit] Already fixed

  • A few useful plugins don't load, like DoubleZoom and KMLImporter
  • 'Find place' menuitem doesn't work
  • Less useful plugins do load, like ShapeFile, ExternalLayerManager, OverviewForm, MovieRecorder
    • useful is subjective. Basically all plugins that are included with the default program load automatically at first program start. [CM]
  • All of the placenames and borders are rendered with surface image priority and don't appear above other layers. [CM]
  • About dialog didn't work (uses splash image) --ShockFire, 21Apr06 17:40 GMT
  • World Wind Dings ttf now gets loaded from WW's main directory --ShockFire, 21Apr06 16:29 GMT
  • Removed version numbers from Earthquake plugin names --ShockFire, 21Apr06 15:48 GMT
  • Updated URLs for Help menuitems --ShockFire, 21Apr06 15:44 GMT
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