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The WMS Browser allows you to connect to Web Mapping Servers in World Wind. Once connected you can download geographical imagery from those servers.


[edit] Using the WMS Browser

The WMS Browser window.
The WMS Browser window.

Once you have opened the WMS Browser, you are presented with a list of images that you may view.

If you simply want view the image that you have selected, you may do so by pressing the Still Image button. In many cases, you may select a specific date or time that you wish to see before you display it.

You may have noticed a tab labeled Animation. On that page you may specify a date range, after which you should click the play button. World Wind will begin downloading all of the images within that range, and will display them one after the other. Be warned, it may take a long time to download the many images of a long animation.

[edit] Adding WMS Servers

To add additional WMS servers to the list presented in the WMS Browser window you must alter the xml file associated with the browser. Navigate to Config\Earth\Tools within the World Wind installation location. Open and edit the wms_server_list.xml using any xml editing program (even MS Word). Copy the same nomenclature as those already in the xml file and be sure to edit the 'Name' and 'ServerUrl' at a minimum. Next time to start up World Wind these new services will be available in the WMS Browser window.

[edit] Options

  • The opacity box in the options pane of the WMS Browser allows you to make the overlay transparent, so that you can see the land below it.
  • If you are looking at a data layer but you wish to know more about what its colors mean, try the Legend button.

[edit] Animated Earth

The Animated Earth Manager is very similar to the WMS Browser, and as a matter of fact, the WMS Browser has access to all of the same data. The Animated Earth Manager is being phased out and will not be covered in this guide.

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