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  1. Create blog entry that’s linked to a location (and date, topic, user)
  2. Put in pictures, and other media for a blog entry
  3. Find all blog entries for a location / date / topic / user
  4. Find recent blog entries for location / date / topic / user
  5. Comment on someone’s blog; look at comments

[edit] Data

  • Rich text (with minimal markup language)
  • Media (pictures, sounds, video)
  • Metadata:
    • User
    • Username
    • Password
    • Avatar
    • Web page
    • E-mail address
    • Profile
    • Date
    • Topic
    • Popularity (views)
    • Geocoding

[edit] Blog entry

XML file

This is my blog.  Here is an image: <Media file=‿abc‿>  klsdjflkjafljf

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