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[edit] Searching for locations in World Wind

  1. Find my house
  2. Find the Parthenon
  3. Find Rome
  4. Find Vatican City (showed up as a label when zoomed out, but disappears when zoomed in)

[edit] Navigating through World Wind

  1. Fly through mountain ranges
  2. Changing state of your view (in simple or complex ways)

[edit] Other data in World Wind

  1. Look at trails
  2. Look at weather
  3. Look at significant events in world (e.g., what’s changed?)

[edit] Add data to World Wind

  1. Put pictures/text into blog (referenced by user, location, categories/themes, keywords, date, etc.)

[edit] Information

  1. Getting information about your view (simple stuff like placenames, directional info, long lat, etc.)
  2. Getting more information about your view (complex stuff)
  3. Error messages (e.g., server not working, datasets improperly configured)
  4. News about World Wind and its datasets (e.g. updates)
  5. Help

[edit] Program mechanics

  1. Adjust things in World Wind
  2. Get updates
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