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Add link for the pre-release updater: -- TomServo

Maybe link to parent page instead of directly to file? --Mashiharu 06:20, 13 Feb 2005 (MST)

did you verify the MD5 sums for the downloads linked on NASA_World_Wind_Download (wiki)? i'd rather not make the page so prominent on the wiki, because i don't have any knowledge of the sites' reputation or the integrity of the World Wind download, and they haven't communicated with us about their intentions in mirroring World Wind. also we don't get aggregate statistics from sites not listed on the NASA download page. --Jessi 10:14, 13 Feb 2005 (MST)

This page is now protected (no one except for sysops can change it) and will list only verified download locations. Please send mirror locations to --NowakPL 08:41, 19 Feb 2005 (MST)

We should have an email for wiki issues.. and get that up and running to something all the admins can access. Llynix- no date given since you can clearly pick it up from the history :)


[edit] Limited user on XP

How can I install World Wind? Google gave me an advanced option for installing Earth for limited user; could you give such an option, too? Please!

Maybe try installing outside the Program Files or in your user folder...
It doesn't offer to. It just gives out the message about Administrator privileges required.
I tried to compile the source code (occasionally, I have Visual Studio), but it requires DirectX SDK. I don't want to install one more program to compile one more program just because your setup didn't suggest installation path for a limited user.
Now I use Google Earth. But look at the Great Canyon: the images are really poor. Maybe, World Wind has better photographs?
Looking for more help from you.
I see the problem, but OTOH what would be the purpose of a limited account if everything can be installed (just in another folder)? If you only want to check images play with one of the WWJ demos (they require Java to be installed:) - the same imagery as in the .Net version (which is 1m black&white USGS and 15m color Landsat). Generally, you shouldn't expect much better iimagery in WW than in GE...
BTW - IIRC the whole DirectX SDK isn't necessary, you only need the redistributable pack.
Thanks for the link. I'll try it.
Limited account is recommendation of Microsoft. It can stop programs at least from damaging system files and such programs as Notepad. You can also read this:
"if you want to do something that affects other users of the computer, such as installing software [...] Windows might ask you to provide a password for an administrator account" and this is the case with the WW installer - it should give you an UAC prompt where you enter the password (if it's not - just right click and run as admin), after that it will install without problems
and please use the forums next time to get answers to such questions
I do not want to affect other users of the computers; I want to install World Wind for one user.
I tried to create a new thread, but I couldn't see it on the forum in the list of Today's posts.

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