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Stars plug-in
Developer Patrick Murris
Latest release 1.1 / Nov, 2005
License Public domain
Web site Plug-in Website

Not compatible with World Wind 1.4

This plug-in adds a starfield background to World Wind, using a large bitmap texture wraped around the world. Settings allow to also display the moon or the earth in the sky. However if you are looking for a very crisp starry sky you may want to check the Stars3D plugin. Sky images are taken from


[edit] Installation

Download Stars 1.1 and double click the downloaded file, follow the on-screen prompts to install the plug-in.

[edit] Usage

To use the plug-in load World Wind, open the Plug-Ins menu and click Load/Unload... (see figure 1).

figure 1
figure 1

Click on 'Stars' in the Plugin Load/Unload window and then press the Load button (see figure 2), the indicator next to 'Stars' should turn green, you can now safely close the Plugin Load/Unload window. You should now see a star field instead of a black sky.

figure 2
figure 2

You can choose different versions of the star background with earth, the moon or just stars. Right click on the Stars layer in the Layer Manager to change the settings.

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