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Sky Gradient plug-in
Sky Gradient
Sky Gradient
Developer Patrick Murris
Latest release 0.4 / May, 2006
License Public domain
Web site Plug-in Website

Not compatible with World Wind 1.4

This plug-in is now included in World Wind (from version 1.4)

This plugin adds a global atmospheric effect to the planet. From a thin halo at high altitude it fades into a full sky at ground level. Presets are available for Earth, Mars and Venus.


[edit] Installation

Download Sky Gradient 0.4 and extract the file to your World Wind Plugins directory.

[edit] Usage

To use the plug-in load World Wind, open the Plug-Ins menu and click Load/Unload... (see figure 1).

figure 1
figure 1

Click on 'Sky Gradient' in the Plugin Load/Unload window and then press the Load button, the indicator next to 'Sky Gradient' should turn green, you can now safely close the Plugin Load/Unload window.

To choose different versions of gradients right click on 'Sky Gradient' in the Layer Manager and click properties to change the settings. Presets are available for Earth, Mars and Venus.

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