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Scripting, also known as Timeline scripting provides a way to automate a user’s experience with World Wind. A World Wind script contains settings that determine and vary the user’s view of the world, including their location and the features annotating or overlaying the globe.


[edit] Creating Scripts

Tom Gaskins has released the final version of the World Wind Scripting 1.0 specification. There are a few changes from the previous revision.

[edit] Known Issues in 1.3.1

  • Viewing Angle isn't implemented yet
  • Script can act erratic when '.' isn't the OS expected seperator for coordinates

[edit] Creating Scripting Engine

Scripting in .NET Links

Explaination of where scripting is going in VS.NET - VSIP

  • This intimates that the runtime will be free, but the IDE support is being removed from VS.NET it seems.


VSA Scripting



There is also an example in the DX SDK in <SDK Root>\Samples\Managed\Direct3D\Scripting\readme.htm.

Slightly to the side but interesting ideas:


CSCScript - C# Scripting in the flavor of WScript

[edit] See also

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