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This document describes the tasks involved in creating World Wind releases. (jgan 2005-05-17)


[edit] A. Preparing the World Wind Core Program

  1. QA testing of World Wind core files.
  2. Ensure World Wind core CVS is on a restricted-checkins branch (if necessary).
  3. Increment version strings (usually, WorldWind/WorldWind.cs) and checking in those changes.
  4. Compile a release build.
  5. Tag CVS with WORLDWIND_x_x_RELEASE tag.

[edit] B. Preparing Installer Scripts

  1. Increment version strings in NSIS scripts (wwinstall/*.nsi).
  2. Update GlobalMessages.nsh from Installer_Translations (wiki). Encoding must be ANSI (see
  3. Assess (and remove, if necessary) legacy migration code.
  4. Assess included add-on sections. (Bug WW-55)
  5. Patch installer: modify registry version check, if necessary.

[edit] C. Preparing Installer

  1. Stage World Wind core files in Install\: binaries, plus WorldWind.exe.config if full install, scripting .xsd, license.txt and Release Notes.txt; Data\ folder; and Rapid Fire MODIS bootstrap data. Patch staging (in Install-patch\) doesn't include Data\ or MODIS bootstrap data. See also: Installer Creating.
  2. Update Release Notes.txt.
  3. Assess included add-ons. (Bug WW-55)
  4. Assess included MDX redistributable.
  5. QA testing of compiled patch and full installers. This includes migration code, uninstaller, existing release detection, and included add-ons.
  6. Compile patch and full installers for release.
  7. Tag CVS with release tag.

[edit] D. Releasing

  1. Upload patch installer, full installer, and source code ZIP to all currently active distribution points (HTTP, BitTorrent).
  2. Update NASA download page, and post release notes on forum.
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