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[edit] Instructions

This page is a listing of errors found in the placename database. If you find a place that has been mislabeled, or is duplicate, or whatever, click the "[Edit]" link to the right of "Placename Errors" below and add your error below the last one, prefixing it with an asterisk (*).

The description should be short, including:

  • The placename in error
  • A worldwind:// link to the placename. To do this:
  1. Find the placename in World Wind and select Edit->Copy Coordinates.
  2. Paste the link at the end of your description.
  3. Put brackets ([]) around the link, and then type a space and a colon ( :) just before the end bracket.
  • Preferably the general area the placename is in (i.e. "NW Italy" or "Rhode Island")
  • What's wrong (spelling, doubled, just plain wrong, etc.)
  • What it should be.

For example,

*Italee, Europe - misspelled, should be Italy [worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=43.36612&lon=11.96717&alt=879429&dir=1.1 :]

will produce

  • Italee, Europe - misspelled, should be Italy :

This list is for now just a listing, nothing will be done about it now. Its purpose is so that when it becomes feasible to fix the placenames, this list will be avaliable. Thank you to everyone who helps with this list.

[edit] Placename Errors

  • Omeath, Co. Louth, Ireland (and numerous other placenames in Ireland). The placename is appearing in two languages over-writing each other and is virtually impossible to read because of this. :
  • New Zealand, whole of country. There are numerous placenames described as 'County'. A 'County' as a geographical or administrative area no longer exists in New Zealand.
  • Lapajting, Indonesia, should be "Lapajung" :
  • Cortis, NE Italy - misspelled, should be "Coritis". :
  • Denmark Name Kattegat Wrong position : Should be :
  • Borderline between Denmark and Germany misplaced :
  • france Name Agon-Coutainville Wrong position : Should be :
  • Placenames in region west of Bradford, Yorkshire, England seem to be in wrong position. Most in error is Queensbury (should be :) Other places affected are Haworth, Oakworth, Ingrow, Cullingworth, Denholme and Thornton. This area is known as Bronte Country after the famous writers.
  • Borderline between Belarus and Russian Federation seems to be missing :
  • R?union Island, Indian Ocean - misspelled, should be "Reunion Island" :
  • Kaliningrad's placename is marked as if it were an own state, although its part of Russian Federation :
  • Helsinki, Finland - finnish and swedish names on top of each other, should use only the finnish ones as they are the international ones as well. Applies to all bilingual names in Finland. :
  • Traviston, Queensland, Australia. On Coast near Fraser Island. Should be "Burrum Heads" Was renamed about 40 years ago.:
  • B????, Tanzania, on Lake Victoria - doubled placename. :
  • Bass Strait, Australia is (In the middle of the pacific!) here : it should be here :
  • Depeskreuz, W Germany. :. The placename is placed exactly over the name of the town (Willich), but Depeskreuz (correctly "Am Depeskreuz") is only a very, very small street in the city of Willich, even unknown to most of the citizens of Willich
  • Lake Erie of the North American Great Lakes is misspelled as Lake Irie. :
  • Isle of Man - Shown in Africa here : Should be between Great Britain & Ireland here :
  • Fiji - placename is in Coral Sea, about 25 degrees Lon. west of correct location. Lat. is OK. :a correct location would be : near Suva (a city).
  • Town of Wiener Neudorf missing in Austria, South of Vienna. Placed directly to the east of Mödling at 48° 04′ N, 16° 19′ E:
  • Brooks High School, in western New York, USA, misnamed, should be Brooks Hill School :
  • Colinas de Curry : in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The name is incorrect, should be "Colinas de Cupey"
  • Riverside Camp, Washington State - Should be Riverview Camp :
  • Khei,Maui,Hi - misspelled, should be Kihei :
  • Toscan?, should be Toscana :
  • S?o Tom? and Pr?ncipe, international characters - should be Sao Tome and Principe, or better yet, São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Boundary between East & West Timor is missing
  • Shreveport, LA -- Valencia Junior High School should be Caddo Parish Magnet High School

France Rhone :

  • Non amberieu en bugey mais amberieu d'azergues
  • McGee Ranger Station in N. Idaho, misspelled - should be Magee Ranger Station :
  • Ashgabat, Turkmenistan - Label appears twice with two different spellings (with and without 'h'). :

The whole of Africa is labelled Wrong!

  • Seoul, South Korea - label appears doubled :

[edit] Political Disputes

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