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Place names are specific points that are assigned text labels, such as cities, hills and buildings.

Since version 1.4 World Wind uses online database of placenames (from WFS server). Not all place names are covered - mainly populated places (cities, villages) and major geographic features (seas, mountain ranges). Place Finder uses different database which has more names (especially outside the US). It is possible, however, to add more place names for offline use, both to Earth and other worlds, through add-ons.

World Wind uses public databases for place name data. Sometimes these databases contain place name errors which are then carried over to World Wind.

[edit] Place name add-ons

There are add-ons that include place names.

[edit] Creating place name add-ons

[edit] Place name databases

There are sites that provide databases of place names. If the copyright allows, these can be converted for use in World Wind.

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