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New Zealand
New Zealand

The country of New Zealand has some additional content that is not available in the default install of World Wind.

LINZ have made a wms server available for public use. You can use the OneEarth add-on to view high resoltion imagery from this server. There is a cache pack for the North Island available. (requires 7-zip to extract)

The New Zealand Layers add-on also provides the topographic data from the LINZ website. The New Zealand place names add-on uses the same information, however it displays the information as placenames, instead of icons.

WhereAreWe provides address lookup for New Zealand. If you have Greasemonkey for Firefox you can use the WhereAreWe user script to provide worldwind links in the address lookup results.

[edit] Hotspots

This is a selection of hotspots from New Zealand.

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