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08:24 < dpatton_[CA]> jessi - when thinking about the lat/long issue, keep in mind that it may be better to change it to something like
                     "position", because in the future people may want, and be able to, have their position displayed as lat/lon, UTM, MGRS, etc
08:25 < dpatton_[CA]> maybe something like in the "WW config screens" you select your preferred "position format", which is used when you select
09:00 < dpatton_[CA]> Re the whole "lat/long thing":
09:00 < dpatton_[CA]> To me there are two things to keep in mind:
09:00 < dpatton_[CA]> - user control over how/where they want their position displayed
09:00 < dpatton_[CA]> - user control over how/where they want "a grid" displayed
09:00 < dpatton_[CA]> The "position" could be lat/lon(in Degrees, or DM, or DMS),
09:00 < dpatton_[CA]> or UTM, MGRS, OSGB, etc., and might also include altitude.
09:00 < dpatton_[CA]> The "grid" could be a lat/lon grid, but could also be a UTM
09:00 < dpatton_[CA]> grid, etc., and the "grid labels"(e.g. interval, color, etc)
09:00 < dpatton_[CA]> also have to be a user choice.
09:02 <+jessi-nlt> what would you call the grid?  what's a general term for lat/lon / UTM / etc.?
09:02 <+jessi-nlt> as in " ____ Grid"
09:03 <+jessi-nlt> or as in "Show ___ Grid"
09:04 <+jessi-nlt> show coordinate grid?
09:05 <+jessi-nlt> fun:
09:08 <+ShockFire> Toggle Grid?
09:08 < dpatton_[CA]> hmm - I was going to say "graticule", but is that generic to all coordinate systems?
09:09 < dpatton_[CA]> best place to ask would be in sci.geo.cartography or comp.infosystems.gis newsgroups
09:11 <+jessi-nlt> how about "Show ___ Lines/Grid" depending on what grid set is active in the user's preferences?
09:11 <+Nowak> Show Map Grid ?
09:17 < dpatton_[CA]> I like how OziExplorer does it.
09:17 < dpatton_[CA]> Take a look at this screenshot:
09:17 < dpatton_[CA]>
09:17 < dpatton_[CA]> The 'textbox area' on the left, just above the map image,
09:17 < dpatton_[CA]> is where Ozi shows your "position".
09:17 < dpatton_[CA]> That example is showing lat/lon, UTM, and the datum.
09:17 < dpatton_[CA]> You can configure your "defaults" in the Ozi config,
09:17 < dpatton_[CA]> but you can also right-click on the 'text box' while
09:17 < dpatton_[CA]> you are using Ozi and change the lat/lon format
09:17 < dpatton_[CA]> (e.g. Degrees, D.M, DMS), change the grid(e.g.
09:17 < dpatton_[CA]> UTM, MGRS, BNG, Swiss, etc.), or change the datum.
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