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ESA Fire Atlas plug-in
ESA Fire Atlas
ESA Fire Atlas
Developer Withak
Latest release 0.1 / Feb, 2007
License  ?
Web site Plug-in Website

This plugin lets you query the ESA Global Fire Atlas and view the results in World Wind.

[edit] Usage

To use it, load the plugin and choose the fire atlas item from the plugin menu. Choose the start date and end date (the date range is inclusive), then click the "Show data" button. A layer will be added to the layer manager. The locations where the instruments detected fire will show up as red circles. The server with this data is quite slow sometime, so be patient. If you are in an ESA member country then send them an email asking why they don't make it easier to access the data that you are paying them to collect.

You can choose a new range of dates and click the "Show data" button to add that range to the layer manager. The "Clear" button will remove all of the searches from the layer manager. The layers are not permanent; they will disappear when World Wind is restarted or earth is reloaded. To make the last search you ran permanent, copy the temp.xml file from the plugin's directory to \Config\Earth\ and edit as necessary.

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