Community Meeting 2007-02-21

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[edit] Old News

[edit] New News

  • Resuming and catching up on meetings
  • Status of WorldWind development
    • 1.4 and 1.3.6, WWJ
  • Reinvigorating development of
    • Keeping in sync with WWJ?
    • Terrain manager improvements, when & how?
      • Is it useful to be hampered by legacy code?
      • What prevents a push towards most effective rendering techniques?
    • Open GL?
      • Is there community support for this direction?
      • Once complete, what capabilities are enabled for future development?
  • US-USDA/NAIP data in WW
    • Google doesn't have it yet, does FEF want to pursue it?
    • What is necessary to accomplish it?
  • Go through World Wind 1.4.1 "Wish List" World_Wind_1.4.1_Notes
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