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Meeting will be on Wednesday, 30 August 2006 at 20:30 UTC in IRC channel #worldwind-meeting

Meeting Notes

  • If you want to add something to the Agenda, edit this page. Try and make your changes at least 1 day prior to the meeting. Put your name/nickname after the agenda item, and make sure to attend the meeting.
  • If a discussion results in someone agreeing to do something, the moderator should send an IRC message starting with "TODO:" and the person's name and short description, to make searching the meeting logs easier
  • Moderator should control change of meeting topics. Use something like "OK to move on?", and if everyone has finished the discussion of the current topic, the moderator then sends a message with the next agenda topic. Moderator should force moving on to the next topic if the discussion is too long.
  • Meeting length should be targeted to 30-45 minutes.

[edit] Agenda

Call To Order:

  1. Select meeting moderator


  1. What are the results of the various SoC projects? Is there any way to see the results? (withak)


  1. Will all the new code from 1.4 be backported to 1.3.6? (Bull)
  2. When is the beta release planned? (Bull)
  3. What is the policy on adopting open JIRA issues? (step)
  4. How much refactoring and new work should be targeted for 1.4? What are the priorities for this release? The download infrastructure is in desparate need of an overhaul (see [confluence]), should we try to get this in 1.4? (step)
  5. Lots of stuff is not documented (not only source code but also features like HigherResolutionSubsets). Its great extensibility is one of the unique selling points of WW, but it must be well documented to be useful and accepted. This may be more important than adding new features. (step)


  1. Who is setting up the new WWC server? (Bull)
  2. Status of image processing, is anything currently being done? (Bull)
  3. Is there an official email adress for community feedback, one that automatically gets forwarded to all board members? (Bull)
  4. Who are the current active board members and how many can there be? (What_nick)
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