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Sky and Fog plug-ins
Mount St-Helens and Adams, WA, US
Mount St-Helens and Adams, WA, US
Developer Patrick Murris
Latest release 1.3 / November 6, 2006
License public domain
Web site Download


[edit] Summary

This plug-in adds a sky dome and fog effect to World Wind.

Sky and Fog appear as two layers in the Layer Manager. Right click on a layer for settings.

Choice of five fog thickness, two sky bitmaps and several gradiants. New bitmaps can be droped in the 'SkyAndFog' plug-in folder and become available in the settings - jpg or png. Settings are saved.

[edit] Install

Unzip the file in your 'Program Files/NASA/World Wind 1.3/Plugins' directory. That should create a new plug-in folder named SkyAndFog.

Start WW and go to Plug-ins/Load-Unload. Load Sky and Fog plugins. For settings, right click on layers in the layer manager (L key).

Note : versions prior to 1.3 will only work with WW 1.3.2 or above. Also, World Wind 1.4 (but possibly already in 1.3.6 or even earlier) introduced a change that broke this plug-in. A fix has already been committed to the source code and will be available in a future 1.4.1 release. Use version 1.3 for WW 1.4.

[edit] Links

You can find sky bitmaps here

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