Near Realtime Earthquake Marker

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Near Realtime Earthquake Marker
Near Realtime Earthquake Marker
Near Realtime Earthquake Marker
Developer TomServo
Latest release 1.0 / 2005-07-04
Web site Add-on website

This plug-in is now included in World Wind

This is a semi-near realtime add-on that shows marker points in WW where earthquakes have occured.

[edit] Instructions

  1. Download the file above to your desktop and double-click it
  2. Run the script by going to Plug-ins->Load/Unload and loading the script
  3. Populate the earthquake list by going to Plug-ins->Refresh Earthquake list
  4. Open the Layer Manager and select the Near Real-time Earthquake marker layer
  5. Press Crtl-L to bring up the filter window
  6. Click on visible earthquake markers to center WW on them and to display quake information.
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