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NOAA Hurricane Photography, Tracks and photos for recent U.S. storms
NOAA Hurricanes
NOAA Hurricanes
Developer MangoCrate
Latest release 1.8 / 2005-10-31
License undefined
Web site NOAA

The National Geodetic Survey, part of NOAA, flew aerial photos of several storms that entered the United States.

The following four storms are represented in the Add-on with color-coded tracks, storm positions with data, and aerial photo center points with links to the ungeoreferenced frames:

  • Hurricane Isabel (2003)
  • Hurricane Ivan (2004)
  • Hurricane Jeanne (2004)
  • Hurricane Dennis (2005)
  • Hurricane Katrina (2005)
  • Hurricane Ophelia (2005)
  • Hurricane Rita (2005)
  • Hurricane Wilma (2005)

This add-on utilizes a lot of icons. Icons are very slow in World Wind 1.3.1. I'd recommend using 1.3.2 or zoom in close prior to enabling the photo layers.

Updated to version 1.8 to include the photos from Hurricane Wilma and some additional photos from Rita.

I've segmented the Katrina photos by the date they were flown. Five different shades of red represent the 4,568 photos taken over five photo dates (August 31 - September 4).

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