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NOAA Coastal Risk Maps
Coastal Storm Surge Layer
Coastal Storm Surge Layer
Developer TomServo
Latest release 1.0 / 2006-08-28
License CC Sharealike license
Web site Add-on website

[edit] Overview

The Coastal Risk Atlas (CRA) project goals aim at aiding hurricane preparedness efforts by providing the data and methodology necessary to conduct vulnerability assessments for the coastal United States.

[edit] Description

Viewable layers in this add-on:

  • Evacuation Routes Layer
  • Coastal Storm Surge Layer
  • FEMA Flood Zones Layer
  • Wind Envelope Layer
  • Evacuation Route overlayed on a Topo map

Data used in this add-on:

  • Hazard models such as storm surge, maximum winds, and inland flooding to help locate vulnerable areas
  • Base layer of evacuation routes and other roadways
  • Evacuation Route Road Condition links

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