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Image Overlay
Screenshot shows maps created by mazop
Screenshot shows maps created by mazop
Developer Bjorn Reppen aka "Mashi"
Latest release 1.02 / 2005-06-21
License undefined
Web site

Not compatible with World Wind 1.4

This plug-in is now included in World Wind

Allows loading images from file or URL and positioning them on the planet. Requires 2005-06-07 build of WorldWind. Included map created by mazop.

(Attention: This version does not work with WW 1.3.5, however the plugin now comes standard with the distribution)

Some hints for use from a user (authors apparently dont provide any support):

The file "overlay.txt" defines the images and coordinates: Each image is one line, values are separated by tabs, order is important:

<Name> <Path> <Point left-upper> <Pnt right-upper> <Pnt left-lower> <Pnt right-lower> <Pnt W1> <Pnt W2> <Opacity>

- Each Point is a latitude, longitude pair of values

- Opacity is an integer 1-255

- Points W1 and W2 are Wrap Points for distortion. For an image with constant lat/lon delta for each pixel (recommended anyway) the values shoud be:

W1 = Lat_max - Lat_min /2 , Lon_max- Lon_min / 2 (i.e center of image)

W2 = Lat_max - Lat_min /2 , Lon_max

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