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GPSTracker Plugin
GPSTracker Plugin
Developer Javier Santoro
Latest release V04R06 / 2007-05-16
License See Copyright Notice
Web site


[edit] Summary

The GPSTracker plugin will let you get real time GPS information from multiple NMEA standard serial GPS devices (COM Port), Garmin USB devices, through multiple UDP|TCP ports, multiple Tracks, Routes and Waypoints files (GpsTracker supports over 100 different file formats). Once activated, an icon with information text will appear for every GPS device and your world view will lock into your selected GPS device latitude and longitude.

[edit] Features

(New Features in Bold)

  • Multiple NMEA Serial GPS Devices (COM Port).
  • Multiple Garmin USB Devices (USB).
  • Multiple NMEA UDP Servers.
  • Multiple NMEA TCP Servers. With support for secure connections.
  • Multiple Files (Local or Http) playback (Over 100 formats including Google Earth, Garmin, Magellan, Streets and Trips, GPX, OziExplorer, NMEA, GpsTracker Session and TrackAtOnce, etc. GpsTracker uses GpsBabel for file conversion).
  • Export Sources Real Time information to NMEA standard file.
  • Points Of Interest.
  • File Playback Control Window. Pause, rewind, fastforward, restart files that are been played back real time. Bring the window up by Right Ctrl + Click on the source icon.
  • Configurations can now be saved and loaded.
  • Added a Settings|Units tab. Select the Position, Distance, Speed and Altitude units to use when displaying information.
  • Draw a 'Track Line' directly in the map or by entering the Track Line points.
  • Select what information is displayed with each source. Including Font Size and Color.
  • Distance and Bearing from GPS Devices to/from Points of Interest.
  • Lock into a GPS Device Position and Heading.
  • Show GPS Device Track and Track Distance.
  • Select different colors for each Track line.
  • Select GPS Device and POI icons and name.
  • Show the complete track from a File at once with length information.
  • Playback Files at different speeds.
  • Record a complete 'Session'.
  • Set the default start altitude when tracking a source.
  • A Messages Window that allows for monitoring of all incoming GPS messages
  • Installer/Uninstaller application
  • Sample Session File included.
  • Better User Interface for settings sources options once Tracking is enabled.

[edit] Copyright Notice

© Copyright 2007-2008 - Javier Santoro

Permission is granted to use GpsTracker for non-commercial purposes. Permission is granted to use GpsTracker source code for educational and non-commercial purposes.

[edit] Help GPSTracker

A lot of time and effort has gone into developing GPSTracker for WorldWind.

If you find GPSTracker useful and would like to see more development, bug fixes and the "wish list" realized, then you may consider making a donation.

Please note that you do not need to donate to use GPSTracker.

Thank you very much in advance...

[edit] Download

GpsTracker V04R06 download:

[edit] Installation Instruction

GpsTraker V04R06:

Download and run GpsTrackerV04R06.exe The default install directory is \Program Files\NASA\World Wind 1.4\Plugins\GpsTracker. If this is not correct please select your WorldWind GpsTracker Plugins directory in the installer application.

Run WorldWind, goto the Plug-Ins menu and click on Load/Unload. Select the GpsTrackerUpdate plugin (you can click on Startup to make WorldWind automatically load GPSTracker at startup). Click on Load and close the Plugin Load/Unload window.

If GpsTracker V04R00 (included in WorldWind 1.4) is already loaded then you will see two GpsTracker icons in the toolbar. The update GpsTracker is the one named GpsTracker (V04R06). I would recommend unloading GpsTracker V04R00.

GpsTraker V04R00:

GpsTracker V04R00 is part of World Wind 1.4 but is not enabled by default. To enable go to the 'Plugins | Load/Unload' menu item, select GpsTrackerPlugin from the plugins list, click on the 'Startup' check box to set it and then click on the 'Load' button. Close the 'Plugin Load/Unload' window. GpsTracker should now be available in the toolbar.

[edit] Usage

Once you load the plugin as per the Installation instructions, and you open the plugins configuration window you will see that the plugin includes complete help and usage information (Help Tabs). Please read them for complete usage information. They would take too much space here and it would just duplicate what it's already included in the plugin's help.

[edit] Release Notes

Latest Version is V04R06


1. Units settings were not correctly displayed when playing back a session file.

Version V04R05


1. File Playback Control. Pause, rewind, fastforward, restart a file been played.


1. Removed some features that are still not ready for release (APRS support, Virtual COM port support, among others).

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