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Brings GPS and WorldWind together
Brings GPS and WorldWind together
Developer Greysi
Latest release 0.9.41 / 2007-10-21
License freeware
Web site Add-on Homepage

[edit] GPS2WorldWind Plugin

With GPS2WorldWind you can:

  • Create and display tracks, routes and waypoints
  • Transfer waypoints, routes and tracks from/to your Garmin GPS device (USB and RS232/serial)
  • Import Tracks, Waypoints and Routes from GPX, PCX5, OziExplorer or Google Map (KML)
  • Online GPS shows current position and direction in WW (NMEA over RS232 and also with all Garmin devices)
  • Follow tracks in WW like with a helicopter (Scripts)
  • Use a compatible database with Touratech QuoVadis (
  • Display bitmap files (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF,...) as maps in WorldWind as overlay (scanned maps)
  • Reduce track points
  • ...

There is no need to have a GPS device, to use this plug in with World Wind.

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