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Anaglyph 3D (red/cyan glasses) Plug-in
3D globe
3D globe
Developer Bjorn Reppen aka "Mashi"
Latest release 1.2 / 2005-08-04
License Public domain
Web site [Unavailable]

Not compatible with World Wind 1.4, a new version is included in 1.4. However, the Anaglyph 3D plugin in World Wind 1.4 appears to render in reverse order (cyan/red instead of red/cyan) compared to Punt (and possibly World Wind 1.3). If you don't seem to get a proper image, try a negative interocular distance (for example, -1).

Put on a pair of red/cyan anaglyph glasses and fire up this plug-in and you got yourself a true 3D planet viewer.

Changes: Now creates colored anaglyphs, no more grayscale textures used, and render optimization.

  • [Unavailable Website]
  • [Unavailable Red/cyan glasses work best]
  • [Unavailable Download plugin v1.2]
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